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Benefits of Hot Yoga





There’s no better time than right now to take charge of your overall health, and exercise is a critical component. As important as exercise is for our health and well-being, sometimes our hectic lives don’t allow enough time to get to the gym. And if you are enduring cold winter weather, getting outside to exercise is not a very pleasant option!

Fortunately, Sunlighten offers a fantastic winter weather workout option, right in your own home: hot yoga. Yes, your sauna can also be an incredible resource and supporting tool for your daily exercise routine. Imagine feeling energized, rejuvenated, purified, and relaxed – all at the same time. In fact, many of our customers report feeling lighter after their hot yoga workout as well.

One of our newest Sunlighten customers, Chynna Phillips Baldwin (known for her work in Wilson Phillips, and their Number 1 single Hold On) is using her Sunlighten sauna for hot yoga, with incredible results:

“I love my Sunlighten sauna! I’ve had others and this is the best on the market. Having this in my home has taken my yoga to another level. After my sessions, I feel so light on my feet and completely recharged. It is my new addiction!”

If you haven’t yet tried hot yoga, the premise is to practice in a room that is 85˚ to 122˚ F (30˚ to 50˚ C) to help the body sweat out toxins while warming up muscles, which allows your body to safely come deeper into its yoga pose. (Learn more about the benefits of hot yoga in our 2014 blog, Hot Yoga at Home?)

Hot Yoga Benefits with Infrared Saunas and Chynna Phillips

Even more good news: Sunlighten recently released our Community Solocarbon® Far Infrared Saunas, which are a fantastic tool for hot yoga. They are large enough for at least two people to practice, and feature a removable bench to create added floor space. Our Community Solocarbon® Saunas are structurally sound as well: they feature industrial-strength floors and non-toxic, waterproof sealants to protect the wood from water and sweat. In other words, you can work out to your heart’s content and know your sauna will withstand your hot yoga practice.

No room for a larger sauna? Many of our saunas allow ample room for static yoga poses as well, so you can still make your Sunlighten Sauna your new workout location.



Gezondheidsvoordelen van een infraroodsauna

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